Check Engine

If your vehicle turns backlighting first check the CHECK ENGINE light problem, often this light illuminates when the fuel tank is filled and the cap does not close properly, in Arandas Auto Services we check it for free.



Customers make sure when you do this work to their cars have warranty on the car there are many things we can do ourselves without any problems, but be careful because a small mistake can turn into a high expenditure on your car, when making a job anywhere is if the work been wrong for any error, must return to the same place to have it repaired, because you have already paid for a service, it may be that if you are away charge him again.
Remember that we all make mistakes, we are human, but know accept and correct, the client has to have understanding about it.


  • The pedal sinks to the bottom.
  • Listen unusual braking, and scraping noises.
  • Your car pulls to one side when braking.