The Transmission

The Transmission Group is comprised of mechanisms that transform the motion of the engine to the drive wheels with this system also generate changes in the speed of the car regime.

Depending on the drive shaft, we will have different types of motor. The will of the front axle (front wheel). The rear axle will be propelled (rear wheel) If the two axes simultaneously is called full traction. The main components of a transmission are:

CLUTCH: Whose mission is to wean the movement of motor speed gearbox to use it.

TRANSMISSION: Drawing on her modify the regime of vehicle speed, choosing to be transmitted to the wheels.

DRIVE SHAFT: Receive the movement generated by the gearbox and takes it to the bridge which transmits drive to the wheels. It would not be necessary in the event the engine gearbox and motor are attached bridge.

BRIDGE DRIVE: Inside the bridge we drive the following components



  • That slows movement and changes the longitudinal cross
  • Allows wheels give the necessary laps according to path.
  • Transmit motion from the differential to the wheels.


The maintenance of the transmission must be made ​​by professionals only.

Check the security void or clutch pedal (Little Resistance 2 or 3cm) If the provider’s travel path can not skate suffering heavy wear collar. If there is too much travel the disk does not stop and scratches when changing speeds. If there are strange noises consult a specialist workshop.

The oil level in the gearbox and motor bridge according to manufacturer specifications in their book keeping.