Vehicle Inspection

From November 1, 2008 the state of North Carolina changed the sheets to electronic inspection sheets.

Diagnostic Services

The computer diagnosis is crucial for correcting electronic failures of all modules.

Performance Upgrades

Check belts and rubber ducts each month. Change worn, damaged or chopped straps.

Strange feeling in the steering wheel.
If the steering feels harder than normal, if the vehicle turns more easily to one side than the other, these may be symptoms of misalignment.

If when driving straight the steering wheel is not in correct position, if the vehicle is straight but the steering wheel points to some side, if the vehicle tends to be loaded to one side while driving these may be symptoms of misalignment.

If the vehicle is out of square, if the front wheels are pointing in one direction while the rear is pointing in another direction, these symptoms may be due to a serious alignment problems.


During braking, worn damper causes the front of the vehicle when braking lean. This in return will cause the rear of the car to lift preventing the tires to have good contact on the pavement.

Worn shock absorbers increase braking distance by up to 12% more. Arandas Auto Services has the best cushions Monroe brand and different price ranges, give us a call for a quote according to your usage needs.

Oil Change

When changing engine oil, oil filter should be replaced. The main function of the filter is to contain impurities generated by oil degradation and engine wears. All filters have a certain retention capacity which must not be exceeded, so it should be replaced every oil change.